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"Provides tailor made efficient solutions for pe/vc invested enterprises and sme's with overseas headquarters."

(Sven Suhrbier - Founder, Managing Director)

HHAK Outsourcing assists private equity- and venture capital funds in the operative controlling of their investments. It develops tailor made management reporting systems with compact and easy to understand key data. HHAK Consultants Singapore providing regular reporting about ongoing business as well as progess reports of active exit-plans.

HHAK Outsourcing assists SME sized subsidiaries of larger corporations headquartered overseas with the periodic reporting. Such companies are required to comply with the same stringent reporting regiment as larger sister companies. However, due to its limited size, a full time employed financial controller can neither being afforded nor fully utilized.

HHAK Outsourcing handles – in close co-operation with the local management – the entire headquarter reporting from regular periodic dues to occasional analytical requests and special projects. It reliefs the local management from being frequently questioned by headquarters financial controlling departments and gives them time back to focus on their core business and strengths : to focus on customers and products.

HHAK Consultants Singapore are forming a valuable bridge between local staff which handles local accounts often on a part time base (secretaries, general administration staff) with no formal accounting qualification and highly qualified overseas based financial controllers. HHAK Consultants Singapore are also able to comply with reporting on overseas law such as German HGB, UK and Swiss regulations and IFRS. For German, Swiss and Austria headquartered enterprises, headquarters reporting can also be performed in German language.

Typical arrangements are two to three working days per month. For urgent requests, qualified staff can be made available also on an ad-hock base. HHAK Consultants Singapore carrying out the services from either its own office (access to clients accounts and further information must be remotely available) or from clients office.

In co-operation with accredited local partners, HHAK Consultants Singapore can also offer a full range of daily accounting service, statutory audit and filing and tax advisory. The HHAK Outsourcing services are offered in the APAC region except China.

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