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"Interim Management - the most efficient solution for immediate urgencies, change management and post acquisition integration."

(Sven Suhrbier - Founder, managing Director)

Under the brand HHAK Interim, the HHAK Consultants Singapore providing tailor made Interim Management solutions from C-level to middle management.

Interim Management is the solution of choice for temporary or unplanned shortages of certain qualifications, skills and management capabilities. It also covers capability gaps related to the sudden departure of key members of the management.

Temporary or unplanned shortages of certain qualifications can be caused by re-structuring-, turnaround- or post-acquisition integration needs. For limited periods of time, certain specialists are required to handle specific projects.

Management gaps due to e.g. illness, breaches of contract by incumbents of certain positions or post-acquisition integration related problems can cause the sudden or unexpected departure of management personal.

HHAK Interim provides dedicated specialists from all disciplines of management – general, finance, administrative, technical and sales/marketing – developing in close co-operation with the share holders and co-members of the management team all necessary steps, implements them to success, before re-handing the function to newly appointed permanent personnel.

Geographically HHAK Interim offers its services in the regions APAC and Middle East. For regional clients seeking Interim management solutions for subsidiaries in Europe, we are co-operating with the leading Interim Management provider in Germany to offer a tailor made solution.

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